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Welcome to Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church

At Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church, we support people as they seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We are an American Baptist Church in partnerships with American Baptist Churches of Rhode Island and American Baptist Churches, USA.  We are ecumenically minded and seek opportunities for worship and service with other community churches.
Our church welcomes diverse families. We provide for Christian Education (Sunday School) for school aged children, as well as a nursery for pre-school children during worship services.
A very important part of our worship at Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church is our music program. We have been blessed with a strong music ministry consisting of a Sanctuary Choir, Hand bell Choir, two organists, and many musically talented members who readily share their gifts during the worship services throughout the year.
At the conclusion of worship every Sunday all are invited to the fellowship hall to join in conversation and refreshments.
Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church is located at 229 Wilbur Avenue in Cranston.  We warmly invite you to worship with us on a Sunday morning at 9:30 am.  Until then, may our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ richly bless you!

150th Anniversary of Our May Breakfast!

Dear Community Neighbor,
On Monday, May 1, 2017 the Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church will be having its 150th May Breakfast. This special event will be held at the church at 229 Wilbur Avenue, Cranston, from 6 to 11 a.m. The church will also be celebrating this milestone with a series of community events beginning in early April, including May Pole dances, period crafts, and sundaes.


Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church held the Original May Breakfast in 1867 in order to raise funds for a new church building. The tradition has been carried on ever since, though its purpose has moved beyond raising building funds. Though the dishes have changed with the times, the core menu has always been a feast for the senses - piping hot clam cakes, fluffy scrambled eggs, hand-sliced honey ham, freshly baked cornbread, homemade apple pie, juice and coffee, and handmade May baskets filled with treats. It’s also a wonderful way to interact with the community around us, and we always have fun.


The 2017 May Breakfast proceeds will go toward continuing the ministries and missions of Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church.


We would be delighted if you were a part of making this event a success, by becoming a sponsor! We sincerely thank you in advance for your support.




Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church



Celebrate 150 Years of OLCBC May Breakfast!

Download this form to order OLCBC Polo shirts. Please see Julie Ellison with completed form and payment.

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A Message From Pastor Barbara

February, 2017

As you may know, Rev. Dr. Charlie Hartman will be leading us in a workshop here at Oak Lawn Baptist on February 5th on our Baptist heritage. If anyone can answer your questions about what it means to be Baptist, Charlie can. I am sure that the workshop will inspire us all as we learn more about our Baptist identity.

When I think about being Baptist, I immediately think of religious freedom and of Roger Williams, a rebel after my own heart. But, there is one other huge religious belief that comes up for me when I think of being Baptist and it can be summed up in one word, the name of the capitol of our great state-Providence.

I am sure you are familiar with the history of Providence.

In 1635, the Puritan clergyperson, Roger Williams, was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony for promot- ing ideas of religious tolerance and for urging the separation of church and state. To escape deportation back to England, Williams made his way to Narragansett Bay, where he purchased land from the Indians who lived there. Together with a few friends, Roger Williams established a settlement that he named Providence, a naming that Williams said was in gratitude “for God’s merciful providence to me in my distress.”

This settlement eventually became the capital of the colony of Rhode Island.

Williams gave that settlement a great name because providence refers to the care and benevolent guidance of God. It comes from the same root word as “provide” and “provisions.” Providence means that everything that happens in out lives, however challenging, is ultimately subject to God’s purposes.

In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, Jesus addresses God’s providence. He begins by referring to the worry many peo- ple feel about the future — about whether they will have enough of the necessities of life. Jesus confronts that wor- ry with three examples.

First, he invites His audience to consider how God cares for the birds, which are in comparison, creatures of lesser value than human beings. “If God cares for them,” Jesus points out “will he not also care for human beings?” Sec- ond, Jesus challenges his listeners to think about how little worry can accomplish. It can’t even add one hour to the worrier’s lifespan. Third, Jesus points to the beauty with which God clothes the lilies of the field that bloom only for a moment. “How much more will God clothe his people?” Jesus asks.

What Jesus is talking about is having our priorities in order. He is suggesting that instead of getting all worked up and emotionally spent on things we have no control over, we ought to “seek first the kingdom of God” and trust that all the necessities of life will come to us as well.

Let us encourage one another often that we have a God who cares for us, guides us, provides for us and promises to never let us go. Let us encourage one another often to believe in God’s providential love.

Gracefully yours,

Pastor Barbara


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