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COVID-19 UPDATE: In-person activities at the Church will be limited to worship the first and third Sundays of the month in December (Face Masks required). All other activities will be virtual until further notice, based on the recommendation from the Governor. Stay Tuned!

Streaming Service, Sunday 11/29 9:30am ET

Bulletin for November 29, 2020
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Welcome to Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church

At Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church, we support people as they seek to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
We are an American Baptist Church in partnerships with American Baptist Churches of Rhode Island and American Baptist Churches, USA.  We are ecumenically minded and seek opportunities for worship and service with other community churches.
Our church welcomes diverse families. We provide for Christian Education (Sunday School) for school aged children, as well as a nursery for pre-school children during worship services.
A very important part of our worship at Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church is our music program. We have been blessed with a strong music ministry consisting of a Sanctuary Choir, Hand bell Choir, two organists, and many musically talented members who readily share their gifts during the worship services throughout the year.
At the conclusion of worship every Sunday all are invited to the fellowship hall to join in conversation and refreshments.
Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church is located at 229 Wilbur Avenue in Cranston.  We warmly invite you to worship with us on a Sunday morning at 9:30 am.  Until then, may our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ richly bless you!



Sunday, November 29th - 9:30a.m. First Sunday in Advent.

                                            Worship Service Streaming only.


Sunday, December 6th - 9:30a.m. Second Sunday in Advent.

                                          Worship In-person & Streaming Service.


Sunday, December 13th - 9:30a.m. Third Sunday in Advent.

                                           Worship Streaming Service only.


Sunday, December 20th - 9:30a.m. Fourth Sunday in Advent.

                                            Worship Inperson & Streaming Service.


Thursday, Christmas Eve, December 24th - Virtual Christmas Eve service, which you will be able to view at your convenience beginning Christmas Eve day. Featuring special music, readings and an inspirational message for all.

From The Pastor

Meet Sky, Pastor’s puppy named after Sunrise & Jordan’s mother Grace Skye

November 2020

November Greetings!


It seems so right, that before we get to “the most wonderful time of the year”, that we take some time to intentionally express our gratitude to God. As you know, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For many Thanksgiving is mainly a day to eat turkey and all the fixings and watch football most of the day. Yet, we as Christians know it goes far deeper than that, even though we may enjoy those things as well. It is important that we have a thankful spirit!


John Jowett, a British preacher of an earlier generation, said this about gratitude: “Gratitude is a vaccine, an antitoxin, and an antiseptic.” What did he mean? He meant that gratitude, like a vaccine, could prevent the invasion of a disgruntled, discouraged spirit. Like an antiseptic, a spirit of gratitude can soothe and heal the most troubled heart.


Here are a couple of things to consider about the importance of having a thankful spirit. A THANKFUL SPIRIT PRESERVES THE BLESSINGS OF THE PAST Deuteronomy 8:1-20 tells the amazing story of Moses encouraging the people right before they were to go into the Promised Land. His primary message in that moment was that they would do best to remember the blessings of God as they journeyed to their promised home. Deuteronomy 8:2 says:


“Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the desert these forty years, to humble you and to test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands.”


When he said the words “all the way”, he was making sure they remembered both the blessings as well as the trials. Another words, God was with them through it all! IT ALSO HELPS US TO PRAY FOR BLESSINGS IN THE FUTURE Philip. 4:6 reads-


“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”


How can we not be anxious about anything concerning our future? When we pause and think about the blessings of the past, the future looks brighter! We are encouraged to pray and intercede, but it is important to do it with a thankful spirit!


There is a legend about two angels who were sent to earth to gather up the prayers of people. One was to fill his basket with the petitions of humanity. The other was to gather their prayers of thanksgiving. Sometime later they went back to the Father's house. One had a basket heaped high, and running over, with an unimaginable amount of petitions. The other returned with a sad and heavy heart, for his basket was almost empty. The thanks of people were rarely heard on earth even though the angel searched diligently to find thankfulness.


Do not let us forget the thanksgiving side of prayers. This Thanksgiving, even if you are going through a tough time, thank God for the times that God has helped you through other difficult times and for all of the good things in your life. Keeping your eyes on the Lord and off your circumstances will allow your heart to open and be enlarged. Happy Thanksgiving!


Gracefully yours,

Pastor Barbara

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A Note From The Moderator

So, has anyone else just about had it with this Pandemic stuff??? Do the words, frustrated, angry, fearful, uncertain describe how you are feeling? This is supposed to be the Season of Giving Thanks, of being hopeful, of being filled with great joy, all leading up to that most wonderful holiday …CHRISTMAS. But here we are … alone in our homes; going out only when necessary—maybe; wearing masks; not wearing masks; disagreeing on so many issues with so many people. When will this end? I just want to get back to…; I just want to be able to…; I WANT NORMAL!!! And then there is that one question---Where is God in all of this?


For me, that is the only question for which I have an answer. For me, God is right here with me and with each of you. God will never abandon us! That much I know to be true. I have seen and felt God ’s Hands in so many ways: The ways our Pastor has faithfully brought us the Word each week and tried to keep in contact with all of us; the ways your Boards have worked tirelessly to assure care - filled attention to all decisions made; the ways many of our members go to their jobs each day, even when it may increase their exposure to Covid 19; the ways you have been reaching out to each other to make sure everyone is ok; and, more importantly, the ways you each offer prayers for each other, our community, our state, our nation, and our world. Isn ’t that what we have always done? Hasn ’t that been our normal? So you see, what we do is normal; how we do it may be new.


What I am getting at is, we can still give thanks for so much. We can still be hopeful and filled with great joy for that wonderful holiday …CHRISTMAS. “For unto us a Child is born”! Isn ’t that what really matters? The reason for the season has not changed. How we celebrate may be different. But, with open hearts, we may find more meaning, more joy, and more hope in this Season of Christmas. Maybe we cannot be together in person with our families and friends, but we surely can be together in our hearts. Let your heart speak! I wish each and every one of you a most joyous, heart filled, heart felt and blessed Christmas Season!


May grace be yours,




A Note from Milly Smith

I am an essential worker in a nursing home. I have been employed there for 25 years. I am a member of Oak Lawn Community Baptist Church, Pastor Barbara has asked me to say a few words about what it has been like to be an essential worker in a nursing home.


It has been a very challenging time. We have faced many obstacles in implementing the directives from Governor Raimondo, Dept of Health and CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services). These directives affected all of us – the residents, the families and the staff. We were all affected on different levels.


The residents were isolated from their families early on. Residents have felt secluded, alone and scared. Their daily routine has been turned upside down. They have not been able to have group activities or spend in person time with their families. Activity staff has been able to provide face time so that there has been some connection with their families.


Several residents were infected with the coronavirus, scared and uncertain as to what was to happen. Even after recovery it has affected them both mentally and physically. And some of the residents have lost their friends to this virus. Families have been shut off from their loved ones. Although they have been able to see their loved ones on a computer screen, they long to see them in person, to give them a hug, to give them a kiss, just to see for themselves that they really are okay. Family members wait patiently until they are allowed once again to visit their loved ones.


Staff has been devastated by the coronavirus – caring for sick residents, holding their hands to comfort them, reassuring them things will be okay. Staff also worked short as employees were afraid and scared to work, and some tested positive with the virus and were unable to work.


Several employees worked double shifts to help out their coworkers, causing exhaustion both physically and mentally. Prior to the major outbreak, there was an uncertainty as to how this virus would impact the residents and the staff, fear of the unknown. Many expressed concern about how to protect themselves and the residents from this virus.


I was infected with the coronavirus. I had to isolate myself from my family for 14 days. I was fortunate that the virus did not affect my respiratory system, however caused extreme fatigue. I was able to work from home when I was not sleeping which was most of the day. However, I missed the residents as they are part of my extended family. Working from home I had no contact with the residents – it was difficult as I was not able to talk with them, not able to see how they were doing during all of this.


It was also difficult because I was not there physically to help support my co-workers. My prayers and thoughts were with both my co workers and the residents, praying for their strength and well being during this time.


Many people have been supportive of the essential workers in nursing homes through prayer and fellowship, staying connected with each other through phone calls and texts . As a community many have pulled together to provide meals for the workers, provide necessary PPE and other items. God does not give us more than we can handle. Through His strength and our faith we will weather the storm.

Annual Church Life Report

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