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This Week

Sunday (2/25)  9:30am - Worship with Coffee Hour to follow

                                        Search Committee Presentation with Rev. Courtny 


Monday (2/26)  7:00pm - Swinging Squares Class


Tuesday (2/27)  10:00am - Lenten Bible Study

                            6:30pm - Board of Trustees Meeting


Wednesday (2/28)   7:00pm - Choir Rehearsal


Thursday (2/29) 6:30pm - Executive Board Meeting


Saturday (3/02) 10:00am - Auditing Committee Meeting 


Next Sunday (3/03) 9:30am - Worship with Communion & Coffee Hour                                                                                                                                

Looking Ahead

Date Time Event
Sunday, March 3 9:30am Worship with Communion and Coffee Hour
Monday, March 4 7:00pm Swinging Squares Class
Tuesday, March 5 10:00am Lenten Bible Study
Wednesday, March 6 7:00pm Choir Rehearsal
Sunday, March 10 9:30am Worship with Birthday/Anniversary Recognition with Coffee Hour to follow
Monday, March 11 7:00pm Swinging Squares Class
Tuesday, March 12 10:00am Lenten Bible Study
Wednesday, March 13 7:00pm Choir Rehearsal
Sunday, March 17 9:30am Worship with Coffee Hour
    St. Patrick's Day
Monday, March 18 7:00pm Swinging Squares Class
Tuesday, March 19   St. Joseph's Day
  10:00am Lenten Bible Study
Wednesday, March 20 7:00pm Choir Rehearsal
Saturday, March 23 11:00am Easter Egg Hunt
  7:00pm Swinging Squares Dance
Sunday, March 24 9:30am Palm Sunday Worship Service with Coffee Hour
Monday, March 25 7:00pm Swinging Squares Class
Tuesday, March 26 10:00am Lenten Bible Study
Wednesday, March 27 7:00pm Choir Rehearsal
Sunday, March 31 9:30am Easter Sunday Worship

REMINDER - Inclement Weather Announcements


With the arrival of winter and the inclement weather that sometimes comes along with this time of year, remember to check local TV News stations and the RI Broadcasters website (www.ribroadcasters.com) for announcements in case Sunday morning Worship services need to be cancelled.


As always, use your own judgement to stay safe and safely travel!

Prayer shawls are available for our members to give to family or friends who have been suffering through illness or loss.

Please remember to sign the prayer shawl book located outside the Pastor’s Study.
Take a card to include with the gift of the shawl.

If you’d like to bring flowers for the

altar in celebration, remembrance or for a special occasion, be sure to add your name to the 2024 Flower Calendar posted on the bulletin board outside the office and please fill out a slip for the secretary.

From the Trustees







CR068 FRIENDS BURIAL GROUND WILBUR AVENUE CHCC is delighted to announce that Sara Szerlag has agreed to adopt CR068 Friends Burial Ground on Wilbur Avenue which is located next to the Oak Lawn Baptist Church. CHCC decided to put this lot up for adoption a couple of weeks ago because while it appeared to us that some work was being done there it was not being maintained on a regular basis and we had absolutely no idea who was doing what. Happily, that all changed today. Earlier today, John Hill and Paul Tognetti from CHCC met with Sara and her son J.J. Sara is very enthusiastic about assuming responsibility for this cemetery. While we were there, Robin Butzier dropped by to say "hello". As it turns out, Robin works at the J. Arthur Trudeau Memorial Center in Warwick and is very familiar with the Friends Burial Ground. For the past four years, Robin has been periodically bringing a group of adult clients to the cemetery to help to maintain it and to participate in various activities there. Furthermore, Robin advised us that several parishioners from the church have done work in the cemetery from time-to-time. Sara invited Robin to help out anytime they want and also will encourage those interested parishioners of Oak Lawn Baptist Church to become involved as well. The bottom line is that CR068 is now going to be managed and maintained on a regular basis. We thank Sara for adopting this cemetery and hope that others will follow her lead. Since CHCC began our "adopt a cemetery" campaign a little less than a year ago a total of 17 cemeteries have been adopted by individuals. At least a dozen more are maintained by businesses, families and unknown individuals. As a result, we are convinced that Cranston's historical cemeteries are in the best shape they have been in decades. We thank everyone who has so generously answered the call to help us to maintain these sacred spaces. About CR068... There are said to be 19 burials here with 16 inscriptions and 3 fieldstones. For more information on CR068 please click on the link below:


http://rihistoriccemeteries.org/newsearchcemeterydetail.aspx? ceme_no=CR068

The Board of Christian Education is requesting assistance in the Primary Room on Sunday mornings to work with Robin. Please see either Marilyn Drummond or Robin Butzier if you are interested.

Oak Lawn Community Baptist Legacy Project

Please remember to see Robin Butzier, James Marsocci, or Laura Dwyer if you are interested in contributing. See the weekly bulletin insert for a more detailed description of the project. This project is being spearheaded by the Board of Christian Education.

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